Excellent Qualities

The Excellent and noble qualities of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.a.w.).
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Bearer of good news and a Warner 22 May 2015 Hits: 23600
Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) as a Witness 12 June 2015 Hits: 17414
Far Removed from Love of Wealth 22 May 2015 Hits: 20441
Description of the Prophet 22 May 2015 Hits: 41842
Generosity, Clemency and Conduct 22 May 2015 Hits: 18785
With His Family and Children 12 June 2015 Hits: 19343
Prophet with People 12 June 2015 Hits: 16709
The Holy Quran on Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) 12 June 2015 Hits: 35677
Justice of the Prophet 22 May 2015 Hits: 19124
Love for the Poor 27 August 2020 Hits: 19728
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Disposition by Ali

He was the most generous of heart, truthful of tongue, softest in disposition, and noble in relationship. He who first set eyes upon him feared him, but he who associated with him loved him. Those who described him would say: 'I have never seen before or after him anyone similar to him, peace be upon him.'